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Demigod Form
Name: Dallas (Dally) Williams
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall (6,2), fighter built, dark green eyes, tannish skin, dirty blonde hair
God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Coryn Williams
Other relatives: His twin sister Nadia Williams
Education: He never graduated from High School or College.
Occupation: Fights for a living. (Y'know...fight someone, if you win you get some cash...) it's the only job he could get because he hates working for people.
Residence: A beat up apartment in New Jersey
Personality traits: Rough, charismatic, self-centered, aggressive 
Talents/Skills: fighting, plays the guitar
Flaws: Rude, Annoyed easily, too aggressive, 
Pets: none 
Powers: He can make people feel like they are dying, but they don't really die. He can do this to 5 people a day. His energy drains each time he uses it;he becomes dizzy or exhausted. 
Life Before CHB*: Dally lived in Oklahoma with his twin sister Nadia and mother, Coryn until they moved to NYC recently. Dally was a huge trouble maker. He dropped out of school when he was only 14, and usually was out either with his gang or causing trouble. He would never come home at the regular time, but come home either a few days or weeks later. Dally loved fights, and the action. He was always looking forward to a challenge. He has a twin sister named, Nadia, who is the complete opposite of him. She is caring, kind, and friendly, and hates fights. Dally and her would get in arguments, and that is the only fight Dally never hits someone or pulls a switchblade on because they are still siblings, and they love each other. His mother Coryn, on the other hand, always worries about Dally but doesn't do anything about it. Dally also calls Nadia 'Aidan', because Nadia backwards, is the name Aidan.
RP Example*:  Dally sat down on his couch in his apartment, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He blew out some smoke as he flickered through the channels. "All these channels suck." He muttered to himself as he shifted his ice pack around on his forehead. He had just fought yesterday and got $50 dollars out of it. He took a few blows to the head and the gut but managed to win. After all, he was Dallas Williams. 
Notes:  he smokes 

Demigod Form
Name: Spencer Reid (Reid)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance:  Tall, Brown hair, Dark brown eyes, wears sunglasses often, Lean body type
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: William Reid
Other relatives: A 15 year old step brother 
Education: Graduated from HS in Las Vegas at 12, went to college at Harvard and holds Ph.Ds in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering, as well as B.A.s in Psychology and Sociology; he is also working on a B.A. in Philosophy. He has an IQ of 187 
Occupation: Works for the FBI in Quantico 
Residence: Quantico, Virginia 
Personality traits: Awkward, Sociably awkward, Curious, Kind 
Talents/Skills: He has an eidetic memory and is pretty much a genius 
Flaws: Extremely socially awkward, Has shades of Schizophrenia, Often fixates on things, Avoids eye contact when fixated and sometimes misses social clues when it comes to conversations.
Pets: None. 
Powers: none. 
Life before CHB*:  Spencer Reid was born in Las Vegas on October 9th. He was an autodidact and pretty much a genius when it came to education. Reid(as what he likes to be called) graduated from High School at the age of 12 and holds Ph.Ds in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering, as well as B.A.s in Psychology and Sociology; he is also working on a B.A. in Philosophy. He has an IQ of 187 and has a eidetic memory. However, he has been having headaches and hallucinations from time to time and is usually seen wearing sunglasses often. He also has Schizophrenia.
RP Example*:  Reid walked around Times Square with his hands in his pockets. He looked around through his black knockaround sunglasses. The sunlight hurt his eyes, and sometimes his sunglasses didn't help. "Do you need some help?" a voice said behind. Reid spun around to find a girl about his age. She had a pretty smile and long blonde hair. She looked like she just came off the red carpet. Reid paused. "Oh no, I'm just..wandering around. Times Square is fairly a huge place y'know. This area belonged to John Morin Scott who was a general of the New York militia where he, of course, served under George Washington. Scotts manor house is actually 43rd street..which is now surrounded by countryside..." He explained without thought, then paused as if he were thinking for some more words to say, his eyes fixated on something else. The girl blinked. "..What a fact. I really didn't know that." She said, then shifted around awkwardly. "Well..I um have to go...." The girl walked off without a goodbye. Reid stood there for a minute and smiled a bit to himself, then walked away the opposite direction.

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