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 Johnny Turner

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PostSubject: Johnny Turner   Johnny Turner I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 6:15 pm

Name: Johnny Turner

Age: 24

Gender: male

Appearance: tone, tall, blonde hair, golden eyes

God Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Daniel Turner (deceased)

Other relatives: his twin sister Aleera, his son Jackson, and his wife

Education: highschool in New York with his sister and then college for crimenal justice

Occupation: FBI agent, sniper

Residence: Washington DC

Personality traits: over protective, loyal, friendly, strict

Talents/Skills: good aim with gun, plays drums, sings, sword fighting, hunting, martial arts

Flaws: Follows rules to a limit, hard headed, doesn't trust people as much, claustrophobic and is overprotective of his family

Pets: Helios, a mountain lion (found after being lost in the woods)

Powers: Can talk telepathicly with his sister and with the elemant (fire, water, earth, air)(for the elements its almost as if he can see a face and hear it talk in each one. There are no words actually, just vibes), and has ice power, in which he can make his hand coated with thick layers of ice and create ice balls the size of vollyballs up to four times a day(up to five at once). His powers (bar the telepathy) can make him tired after prolonged use. The most powerful thing he can do is conjure ice on his body in a shield effect. He can do this twice a day and it makes it difficult for him to move.

Life before CHB: He always stayed with her twin sister, Aleera, protecting her from whatever mischief she was getting in to and loved his father very much. At the age of 9, he found a sword in the middle of the woods and practice while his sister watched. At the age of 10, his father died and was sent to live in a foster home with his twin. They were both in and out of foster homes because they kept showing their powers, being called "witches" didn't help. On night at the age of sixteen, he was awakened by a creature trying to kill his sister while she was sleeping. He attacked it but was taken to the forest by it. He stayed there, thinking it would be safer for his sister. He found a young mountian lion cub and raised him. A year later, he stumbled into camp.

RP Example: i walk to my desk at the office and put my stuff down. I start to see the cases when i see the pictures flash by the computer screen. One of my wife with our son Jackson, one of my pet, one of Aleera and i at camp, and one of Ally and her then boyfriend Vlad. I sigh and look at the picture frame of our father, Ally and I when we were 5. "Man, its been i long time since i had any fun." i chuckle.

Notes: Sun light doesn't bother him as much, but he would rather be in a colder place, so he stays in the shade. He protects his sister to the point that it annoys her. He loves to party, bit knows when the limit has been crossed. After Vlad left Aleera and she went into quiet mode, he never trusted him again. Hes good with guns and showed his sister how to be a sniper like him, incase she needed protection when he wasnt there
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Roger Wildenhogen/Mortal/75

I like pie.
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Johnny Turner
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