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 Alice Fitzherbert

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PostSubject: Alice Fitzherbert   Alice Fitzherbert I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 12:03 pm

Name: Alice Fitzherbert
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has peridot green eyes with a ring of silver in the middle, she's tiny and delicate looking. She has sunny blond hair that waves to her waist, and peachy skin.
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Zachary Fitzherbert
Other relatives: N/A
Education: She went to Harvard University
Occupation: She's an author
Residence: She lives in a small cottage that looks like it came out of a fairy tale
Personality traits:
Talents/Skills:Quite fast, agile. Witty and sarcastic. And bubbly. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
Flaws: Thinks she can accomplish almost anything, and doesn't like to be helped much. Has a temper.
Pets: She has a palomino pegasus named Kevin
Powers: She's telekinetic (Can move things with her mind)
Life before CHB*:She lived with her dad in London, until an angry centaur bashed in their door and started attacking them. Her dad finally pulled out her sword from the closet. It had a sheath, and when she twisted the hilt of the sword, it turned invisible so mortals couldn't freak out. She caused a distraction (root beer) and her dad and her escaped. Her dad stayed in London, and sent Alice to Camp Half-Blood in the USA, where she spent her life until now.
RP Example*: Alice was now an adult. Now what was she supposed to do? She removed her sword from its hilt and set it down on her bed. She sighed, plunking down on her bed as well. She closed her eyes and thought about Camp Half-Blood. It was bloody sad to leave; she had spent most of her life there. She opened her eyes and marched out again, grabbing the keys to her Jeep. She might as well make herself useful.
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Alice Fitzherbert
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