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 The Logan International Airport

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The Logan International Airport  Empty
PostSubject: The Logan International Airport    The Logan International Airport  I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 11:47 pm

Keaton parked his car outside the airport and got out of his car, wincing a little bit because of his legs. He got out his backpack and took a deep breath as he walked in. He checked in, and went straight to the gate. As they finally called boarding, he boarded the plane.

A call came to his cell, just before they were about to take off.
"Dude, Dean, you gotta stop calling me! I'm not allowed to have a phone out during take off." Keaton said, rolling his eyes.
Dean was laughing, and Keaton could hear a party going on in the background. Harvard kids may be smart, but they can party. "You are totally missing out!" Dean said, then hung up. Keaton sighed and put his phone away and fell asleep.

A few hours later, the plane landed and Keaton jerked awake. He could hear his phone ringing. Some passengers gave him dirty looks, but he ignored them. Keaton looked at the caller ID, and sighed.
"Whaddya want, Dean?" He asked, annoyed.
"You gotta tell me what your doing in Nevada Keat, because this party is CRAZY!" Dean said, music blaring in the background.
"I'm visiting my girlfriend, alright?" Keaton replied, wanting to hang up.
"Oooh, Keaton thats the worse excuse ever! I THINK KEATON IS CHICKENING OUT FROM THE PARTY!" Dean yelled, laughter following behind him.
"I sometimes even wonder how Dean even got into Harvard." Keaton muttered to himself and hung up. He collected his bag and got off the plane and off to UNR.

cool story fro
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The Logan International Airport
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